[Discuss] Do we want the discuss/announce split?

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Thu Sep 20 11:54:48 CDT 2018

> Pulling this out of my spam folder...

Glad we tried this list for a while rather than immediately inviting everyone. It would have been problematic. This is fun though, I'm learning about how email works.

> I see your point. I'm fine with removing the announce list. If we ever
> get to the point where we need to deal with excessive volume on the
> discuss list, we can solve the problem at that time.

I don't think list deletion is available through the web interface -- you'll have to delete it from inside your server.

> I just love solving problems that don't exist yet! ;)

As the person who thought we should re-create and self host functionality from meetup.com, I would have to agree.

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